Nude Reading Is Sexy

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In honor of Naked Reading Day, here is what I’m currently reading. The Rabbit Novels, Volume 1 &2, by John Updike (Rabbit, Run & Rabbit Redux), about the life of a former high school basketball star attempting to escape the constraints of everyday life.
“He feels the truth: the thing that has left his life has left irrevocably; no search would recover it. No flight would reach it. It was here, beneath the town, in these smells and these voices, forever behind him. The fullness ends when we give Nature her ransom, when we make children for her. Then she is through with us, and we become, first inside, and then outside, junk. Flower stalks.”

So apparently today is Naked Reading Day here on Tumblr. As a fan of both nakedness and reading I’m entirely up for supporting that. So here’s my contribution to the day’s festivities. My chosen book for this Naked Reading Day is Alan K. Baker’s The Martian Ambassador, which I finished a couple of weeks ago. It’s the first steampunk novel I’ve ever read and I found it thoroughly enjoyable; set in Victorian England in a world where the British Empire and the Martians (friendly versions of the War of the Worlds variety) are firm friends. So get this book (or another), get your clothes off, and read it :) 

In case you guys didn’t know, it’s Naked Reading Day!

Books are hot. The female body is hot.
Them together = too much to handle!

Naked reading with James Franco. Is there any better? 
Jenny, you’re an inspiration!


For those of you that don’t know what this is about… click here.
It’s a typical tumblr trend type of thing. :)Oh and I love Abi and Henny for bringing it back. (Well, really I just love them in general.)