Nude Reading Is Sexy

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If you’re not sure what the day is all about, hopefully this video will explain all :)


Firstly, we want to thank people for taking the time to submit their wonderful naked reading photos to our tumblr. We really appreciate that you all support this thing so far down the line and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year’s NRD.

That being said, this tumblr started out of fun and silliness and will continue to be that way. The intent of this tumblr is to promote body positivity, reading and having fun. It is not a place for exhibitionism. If you feel that is the way you want to express yourself through tumblr then that’s fine, we salute you, and there are plenty of tumblrs out there that accept those kinds of submissions. Unfortunately we are not one of them.

If you would like to submit photos throughout the year that go along with the theme, that’s great and we love you for doing it. But from now on, we will only be posting them on and around the actual day of naked reading (23rd August). 

school reading

Anonymous asked: What is that tattoo of? (pic of Paper Towns)

Seems like the submitter has deactivated so I can’t answer that for you. Perhaps one of our lovely followers knows who this is?

No caption. Just a regular guy here.